Our History

One doctor’s desire to improve patient care led to the creation of BioLife Cell Bank. Renowned craniofacial surgeon, Dr. David G. Genecov, was dissatisfied with having to subject patients to multiple liposuction procedures in order for them to experience the optimal results and benefits of fat grafting (transferring fat from one location in the body to another). As many of his patients are children with facial differences, this was of particular concern for Dr. Genecov—wanting to avoid additional operations and repeated exposure to anesthesia. His goal became finding a way to remove fat (adipose tissue) once and then successfully store it for recurring, future use.

Dr. Genecov approached Cytori Therapeutics about the need for “banking” fat and stem cells. Having attended high school with their president, Marc Hedrick, at St. Mark’s School of Texas, Dr. Genecov had followed Mr. Hedrick’s career and was well aware of his acumen in the development of innovative medical devices. Over the next five years Mr. Hedrick’s team and Dr. Genecov conducted extensive research and experimentation that culminated in the development of techniques, methodologies and products that process and store healthy, viable fat and stem cells—enabling its future use.

In the fall of 2009, Dr. Genecov sought the involvement of John D. Harkey Jr., a successful business leader and friend from his college days at the University of Texas in Austin. With an impressive list of achievements and a broad spectrum of experience, Mr. Harkey also brought his vital expertise in the creation and management of professionally operated, consumer-oriented businesses.

Together, Mr. Harkey and Dr. Genecov launched the first cell bank of its kind in June 2010—BioLife Cell Bank. Storing fat and its regenerative and stem cells in a state-of-the-art facility located in Dallas, BioLife is empowering physicians throughout North America to improve the health and lives of their patients.