Why “Bank?”


5 - It’s simple.

Fat is removed during an ordinary liposuction procedure. Often, this may be performed using local anesthesia so you don’t have to be “put under,” reducing costs and making it easier on your body. Then, your fat is safely stored and ready for multiple future uses—avoiding the need to have liposuction each time you’d like to use fat or stem cells.

4 - It’s yours.

You’ll be using your own tissue. No foreign substances or objects have to be introduced into your body. There is no risk of rejection, as YOU are guaranteed to be a 100% match with YOU. What could be more natural? There’s nothing “greener” than recycling yourself. You’ll avoid putting man-made substances into your body, while ensuring synthetics are not being manufactured on your behalf.

3 - It’s young.

No matter how old you are, right now you’re the youngest you’ll ever be. Preserving tissue today means you’ll save your younger tissue to use when you are five, ten or even twenty years older. Because cells are stored in a state of suspended animation (with cryopreservation) their potency is maintained through the years. So whether you use your cells within days or decades, you’re accessing a YOUNGER you.

2 - It’s the future.

Not only can you use your banked fat in the future, you can use the stem cells within it! Fat is your body’s richest source of adult stem cells. While there are plenty of uses for fat and stem cells now, the future looks incredible for the vast realm of possible treatments. Truly, saving your cells has the potential of one day saving your life.

1 - It’s “bio-insurance.”

By creating your own repository of fat and stem cells, it’s there for you to use whenever you want to. Most importantly, your cells are there for you to use whenever you may NEED to—for medical treatments or reconstructive procedures.

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