As you prepare to harvest tissue, consider how much will be needed for future procedures.


Determine how much you’ll need to harvest-
based on how much you’d like to re-inject/graft:
Input volume of tissue you’d like to re-inject/graft:

Must be a whole number
Volume you’ll need to harvest =

See how much tissue you’ll have for future use-
based on the amount you plan to harvest:
Input volume of tissue you intend to harvest:

Must be a whole number
Resulting volume of tissue cryogenically preserved, and stored =

Resulting volume of tissue remaining for use after thawing and reprocessing =

The above calculations are based on:

  • volume loss of 50% during processing to remove tumescent fluid, blood, free lipids, and other debris [BioLife's case history--typically 40-50% loss]
  • storage volume includes the addition of cryopreservative agents used to increase cell viability during freezing [BioLife's SOPs]
  • post-thaw tissue volume loss of 14% after removal of cryopreservative agents, free lipids, and debris [Cytori LipoBank white paper]

After harvest, let lipoaspirate decant in syringes with the tip down. This allows for some of the tumescent fluid to separate and be removed by physician/staff before shipment to BioLife.