“Banking with BioLife offers options to me and to my patients that we never had before. Using their own fat in augmentations and as filler not only simplifies treatment, the patients are thrilled to be using something natural and something that is THEIRS. The additional option of separating out stem and regenerative cells from adipose tissue provides my patients with added security for the future.”

– David G. Genecov, MD, FACS

For your practice.

  • Acquire and retain patients by offering the most advanced procedures and “bio-insurance” in the form of stem cells.
  • Build lifetime patient relationships—as they return repeatedly to use stored fat and cells.
  • Enable patients to achieve optimal outcomes with multiple treatments (serial fat injections).
  • Eliminate or reduce the need to maintain an expensive inventory of facial fillers.
  • Experience ease-of-implementation as BioLife provides at no cost to your practice:
    -Enrollment as a BioLife provider.
    -Marketing support and materials.
    -Training for you and your staff.
    -Practice listing in our online Find a Provider directory.
    -Kits with everything needed for tissue shipment to BioLife.

Additional physician benefits:

  • There is no fee for you to become a BioLife Provider.
  • You’ll be listed in the Find a Provider section of our website.

Preserve and store fat and its regenerative/stem cells for:

  • aesthetic procedures
    -facial rejuvenation
    -breast augmentation (alone or with implants)
    -buttock augmentation (alone or with implants)
    -body asymmetry treatment
  • reconstructive procedures
    -breast reconstruction
    -trauma and wound care treatment
  • stem cell enrichment and therapies
    -used with fat, stem cells enhance fat’s ability to survive
    -current and future therapies (heart disease, joint injuries, etc.)

For your patients.

Safe. Each person is guaranteed to be a 100% match with themselves, eliminating risk of rejection.
Natural. No need for synthetics! There’s nothing greener than recycling yourself.
Young. Banking cells now = having younger tissue to use in the future (in twenty days or in twenty years).
Simple. Fat is removed during one, routine liposuction, reducing the inconvenience of multiple procedures.
Cost-effective. Offers longer-lasting results, eliminates repeat liposuctions and may hold keys to impacting individual health …which is priceless.

About tissue viability.

Cryopreservation of fat tissue results in a 90-92 percent rate of viability.

“In the past, cells that were frozen died. They would crystalize and couldn’t be re-used. With the advent of new technology and processing techniques used by BioLife we can successfully prepare and cryogenically preserve fat cells that remain viable. Instead of the fat cells dying there is a 90 percent survival rate when they are brought back to life.”

– Carlos Raul Barcelo, MD

About stem cells.

Adult stem cells can mature and take on the identity of other body cells like fat, bone, tendon,  nerve, muscle, cartilage, and more. These remarkable, regenerative cells are up to 500 times more abundant in fat than in bone marrow or blood. Current research is showing potential in the care of heart disease, stroke, spinal injury and disease, muscle disorders, joint problems, etc.

BioLife Cell Bank is the first and largest bank in North America storing adipose tissue and stem cells. Registered with the FDA as a processing bank, BioLife is in full compliance with their regulations and guidance including current Good Tissue Practice (cGTP).


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