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We’re “Fat,” but We’re Clean!

BioLife utilizes the  Puregraft™ System developed by Cytori Therapeautics for the processing and preparation of fat tissue in a closed, sterile field.

This membrane-based tissue filtration system reliably produces optimal graft tissue for use in fat-related cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. PureGraft™ washes the fluid and fat obtained during liposuction (lipoaspirate) and drains the tumescent fluid, free lipid and debris in less than 15 minutes, streamlining the preparation process.

Fat (adipose tissue) that is “cleaner” provides optimal results for each patient.

See the video.



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BioLife Update - Stem Cell Therapy is a Safe, Effective Reality

Your Fat Is Perfect For Cell Banking

An Update From BioLife’s Kristin Laminack

Q: Kristin, What’s the latest news at BioLife?

Kristin – We now have over 60 doctors throughout the United States. They represent approximately 70 locations and our network continues to grow. Doctors are interested in providing BioLife to their patients.

Q: BioLife has had some nice publicity lately.

Kristin – Recent coverage includes an article from a Dallas-based magazine called Inform. That piece covered the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine’s study where youthful cells were injected into mice and reversed their aging process. They lived two to three times longer! The results were so great their major researcher initially thought they were impossible. So, we continue to hear amazing, positive news about stem cells.

Q: What about humans? This seems far off.

Kristin – To quote Dr. Genecov from the article, “…this isn’t some far-fetched concept. Adult stem cell therapy is real, and it is safely and effectively used today.” That’s an important point we always like to make.

Q: Yes, and when you bank your cells – they’re frozen in time.

Kristin – You never know what’s coming your way…  It’s a good plan to have your youthful cells stored and ready. If you have to use them for say, some medical condition five years from now – they’ll be there. Younger cells are better cells, so if you stored them at age 45 and need them when you’re say 55 – the cells you’ll be using are still only 45. That’s incredible, and as we’re learning everyday, stem cell therapy is impacting many conditions  – and will be helping to treat even more in the future.

Q: Kristin, Thanks for this update.

Adipose Fat Cells

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Natural Breast Enhancement Fat Storage

Doctors Say Natural Breast Enhancement and BioLife Are A Good Combination

Storing fat/stem cells for future natural breast enhancement makes sense.

If you’re considering breast enhancement, you’ll want to look into using your own body’s materials (natural breast enhancement using your own fat).

It’s important to chose the right doctor. Many of our BioLife doctors have the this type of fat cell/transfer experience. In natural breast enhancement, fat is removed from the body via liposuction. This material is then transferred to the breasts, where it receives natural blood flow and becomes part of the breast tissue. These are your cells and they create natural, healthy breasts.

Some of your fat/cells from liposuction can be stored by BioLife for additional enhancement (some patients require multiple procedures — breast reconstruction for cancer patients, in particular) or if you’d like to use it in the future for facial filler, etc. Stored fat may also be accessed later to use the stem cells within it.

Ask your doctor about storing your cells with BioLife.

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