Why preserve cells for the future?
  • Facial augmentation/rejuvenation
  • Breast augmentation/rejuvenation
  • Treatment of asymmetric breast
  • Breast cancer reconstruction
  • Post-liposuction asymmetry
  • Body asymmetry
  • Wound care

How It Works

By creating your own repository of fat and/or stem cells, they’ll be ready any time (whether in days or decades) to use in a variety of cosmetic procedures, therapeutic treatments or unanticipated reconstructive surgeries.

Acquisition of cells and storage

  1. Find a BioLife provider/doctor and make an appointment.
  2. For added convenience, fill out forms prior to your office visit.
  3. BioLife sends a kit to your doctor.
  4. Doctor performs liposuction-sends fat/cells to BioLife in the kit.
  5. BioLife processes and stores your fat/cells.
  6. You receive proof of cell ownership in the mail with your account number. (Your doctor also receives documentation.)

Retrieval of stored fat/cells

  1. You and your doctor determine the need for banked fat/cells.
  2. Your doctor’s office notifies BioLife of your procedure date.
  3. BioLife ships fat/cells to your doctor’s office.
  4. Doctor thaws fat/cells and performs procedure.