Why preserve cells for the future?
  • Facial augmentation/rejuvenation
  • Breast augmentation/rejuvenation
  • Treatment of asymmetric breast
  • Breast cancer reconstruction
  • Post-liposuction asymmetry
  • Body asymmetry
  • Wound care

For Physician - FAQs

What does current research say about fat grafting with cryogenically preserved cells?

New research is being published frequently. See our list of some of the most relevant articles.

How long can tissue be stored effectively?

The state of suspended animation created through cryopreservation maintains the potency of cells indefinitely.

What is the viability of cells after storage?

Cells stored through the procedures/processes we follow have a 90-92% rate of viability.

What if my office is not near your offices in Dallas, Texas?

You do not need to practice in Dallas in order to utilize BioLife Cell Bank. We typically receive cells for banking from anywhere in the United States via FedEx within 12 hours. The cell acquisition kit we provide keeps cells viable for approximately 48 hours after removal from the patient.

What do I have to do to send cells/tissue to you?

  1. If you aren’t already, become an approved BioLife Banking Physician. Begin enrollment.
  2. Contact us when you have a case scheduled. BioLife will walk you and/or your staff through each step, and will send you an acquisition kit that includes: insulated box and pre-paid label for return shipping, instructions, necessary paperwork, syringes and individual labels, and items to ensure cells remain cool.
  3. Perform liposuction and send cells in acquisition kit. (Cells do not need to be processed by physician before sending. Adipose tissue is sent “as is” by physician and BioLife Cell Bank does all purification/processing/preparation for preservation.)

What do I have to do to retrieve cells/tissue from you?

Contact us when you have a case scheduled and BioLife returns cells to you. (A lead time of one week is recommended.)

Are there any types of liposuction that I should or should not use for cell harvesting?

Only laser should not be used.

How much does it cost to become an approved BioLife Banking Physician?

There is no cost to physicians for the storage and processing of their patients’ cells.

Will I be compensated financially for utilizing your banking services for my patients?

If you opt to be a Medical Director with BioLife, your practice may be eligible for reimbursement.