"Save my fat? Why?!"

For future:

  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Breast augmentation
  • Buttock augmentation
  • Body contouring
  • Breast reconstruction
  • Trauma/wound care
  • Regenerative therapies
Top 5 Reasons to Bank Fat

BioLife, a provider of cryogenic storage of adipose tissue and adipose-derived stem cells, strives to provide best in class services.
In order to ensure that we remain best in class, BioLife has determined to postpone all new banking cases until further notice.
This will not affect our current banking clients.

If you are already a client, or a medical provider of our services, and you require a retrieval of stored tissue, our staff will make every effort to work with your doctor to provide you the necessary supplies in time for your procedure. We only ask for as much advance notice as possible. We will no longer be able to provide next day service.

Please check back with our website for further up-to-date guidance, or call 972.331.1905 for further information.


Preserve your cells. Preserve yourself.

BioLife Cell Bank offers a unique way to safely and affordably store fat (adipose tissue) and/or regenerative and stem cells. Until now, fat from liposuction has been thrown away as medical waste. But thanks to our breakthrough technology, these youthful cells are maintained over an entire lifetime for use in: wound care, breast reconstruction and
augmentation, facelift, anti-aging and stem cell therapies, and more.

A natural alternative.

Surgeons are utilizing fat as a natural filler (rather than synthetics such
as Juvederm, Restalyne or implants) for cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Using fat from the patient’s own body (fat grafting or fat transfer) removes any risk of foreign materials being introduced—
protecting patient safety.

A proven, lifelong solution.

The fat banking and stem cell banking process is simple. Fat and the stem cells within it are acquired via liposuction, then processed and stored using cryopreservation. Also, adult stem cells may be processed—
separating the stem and regenerative cells for cryogenic preservation.

Exclusive medical advancement.

The first bank of its kind, BioLife features proprietary technology—offering exclusivity and the most modern advances. Located in Dallas, Texas, BioLife serves patients throughout the United States and Canada with an extensive provider network.